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Townships are local democratic governments established by law. Townships serve the public by overseeing roads, providing tax assessments, land use planning (zoning), and representation for township citizen's issues and concerns.

Burleigh County has 47 townships with 39 townships being formally organized and electing a Board Township Board of Supervisors. The Townships of Burnt Creek, Canfield, Florence Lake, Fort Rice, Lincoln, Lyman, Phoenix and Riverview are unorganized and governed by the Burleigh County Commission.

Population by Township

Township Road Maintenance

The Burleigh County Highway Department performs the township road maintenance in each township on a separate contract basis. Each township selects the level of service and roads that they wish to include on their maintenance system.

For road issues in any of the 39 organized townships, contact the township officials for your township listed to the left. For road issues in any of the unorganized townships, contact the Burleigh County Highway Department or members of the Burleigh County Commission. For all other issues, contact the related Department within the County.


ND Township Officers Association Website

Road Blading Maps

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Township Officers Association Handbook:

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