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West Nile Virus Numbers on the Rise, Residents Urged to Take Precautionary Measures

Posted on 8/28/2012

Bismarck, ND - Despite low numbers of mosquitoes this summer, the number of West Nile virus cases is on the rise in Burleigh County. Four of the state's reported 19 cases of West Nile have been reported in Burleigh County. No deaths from West Nile have been reported in North Dakota this year. Last year, only four cases of West Nile were reported in all of North Dakota.

The number of mosquitoes is significantly less than last year. Bismarck vector control has trapped just 1,016 mosquitoes so far this year. Only 36 of those mosquitoes are Culex Tarsalis, the mosquito that carries West Nile. That compares to 11,520 mosquitoes trapped at this time in 2011. 1,706 of those were Culex Tarsalis.

"West Nile virus is a serious disease, and we can't afford to be complacent. It's important that people take steps to reduce their risk of contracting the virus," says Paula Flanders, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Director.

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