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2023 Estimated Tax Statements

Posted on 8/28/2023

Estimated tax statements will be mailed to all Burleigh County property owners whose estimated property taxes will be $100 or more.

PLEASE DO NOT PAY these estimated statements. This is not a billing, but rather an estimate of what your taxes may be when the statements are delivered in December. These estimates DO NOT include special assessments or the 5% discount for early payment.

The estimated tax statements are a result of legislation intended to explain in dollars the effect of each taxing entity's preliminary budget; and, to increase taxpayer participation in the budget process by providing the date, time, and location of each taxing district's final budget hearing.

The direct cost of these estimated tax statements will be allocated between the taxing entities.

If you have questions about taxes levied by any of the listed entities, please contact that entity directly.

Mark Splonskowski
Burleigh County Auditor/Treasurer

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