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Burleigh County Weed Board Meeting

Date: 9/16/2021
Location: 8100 43rd Ave NW Bismarck

Burleigh County Weed Board Agenda
Thursday, September 16th, 2021
Burleigh County Highway Dept. Shop
8100 43rd Ave NE, Bismarck, ND 58503
7:30 a.m. - Call to Order

1. Roll Call (Dralle, Heisler, Palm, Skoglund, Nehring)
2. Comments from members of the public
3. Approval of Minutes
a. August 19th Meeting
4. Financial Report as of 8/31/21
a. Budget Balance/Asset Balance
b. Invoices
i. Past Due Invoices Update
5. Approval of Bills
a. Receipts
6. Old Business
a. Sprayer Contract Revisions
b. Weed Officer Job Description Update
c. Other Old Business
7. New Business
a. Alternate Sprayer Permission Request
b. LAP and TAG Grants for 2021-2022
c. Public Education
d. Other New Business
8. Weed Officer Report
a. Landowner Updates
b. Herbicide Sales
i. Plateau (21 gal.)
ii. Milestone (226 qtrs.)
c. Cost Share Applications (140)
d. Trainings and Events
i. Corteva Test Plots
e. Other
9. Next Meeting: October 21st , 2021 7:30am
10. Adjourn