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Summer Weather Awareness

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**Scheduled every other year***

April 5, 2018
1:30-3:00 PM
Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library
515 N 5th St (Basement)
The public is welcome and encouraged to attend. No reservation required.

Burleigh County Officials prepare for severe summer weather and host an annual Weather Spotter Training Course (SKYWARN Training). SKYWARN is a network of volunteers trained in weather observing and reporting for NOAA's National Weather Service and its mission (the protection of life and property). SKYWARN is really one neighbor helping another in the protection of life and property.

Topics covered include:

  • Thunderstorm formation

  • Thunderstorm hazards

  • Definitions (flash flood-tornado-funnel cloud-downburst winds-microburst-etc)

  • History of severe weather in ND

  • Review of severe weather from previous year

  • The importance of reports (how and what to report)

  • Safety

  • Storm type (Ordinary Cell-Multicell-Supercell)

  • Storm strength (what to look for to determine it)

  • Storm structure (wall cloud-shelf cloud-mesocyclone-rain free base-rear flank downdraft)

Doppler RADAR is an outstanding tool…but it is not a video camera or camera at all…it does not "see" hail…it does not "see" tornadoes…it does not "see" flash floods…rather…RADAR "indicates" those things. The National Weather Services need our reports…ground truth to what is happening.

The National Weather Service presents the Weather Spotter Training Course which is approximately 90 minutes. Continuing education credits are available for attending the course.

A listing of training and more information regarding SKYWARN can be found on the National Weather Service website: SKYWARN

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