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Permit Information

Permit Information

The permit report lists the number of permits issued by the Burleigh County Building/Planning/Zoning Department. It also gives a combined valuation for Single Family Houses, Accessory Buildings (detached garages, shops and pole barns) and Others (basement finishes, remodels, decks and additions).

Additional information is available by contacting the Burleigh County Building/Planning/Zoning Department at 701-221-3727.

Monthly Permit Report

December Permit Report (document)
File Size: 100.19 kb

Number and types of permits issued December 1 - 31, 2022

Historical Information

Permit Report 2022 (document)
File Size: 99.26 kb

Permit Report for 2022

Permit Report 2021 (document)
File Size: 427.22 kb

Permit Report for 2021

Permit Report 2020 (document)
File Size: 168.39 kb

Permit Report for 2020

Permit Report 2019 (document)
File Size: 102.16 kb

Permit Report 2018 (document)
File Size: 269.01 kb

Permit report for 2018

Permit Report 2017 (document)
File Size: 281.02 kb

Permit Report 2017