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Applications are in PDF format. Please print and fill out your application. Completed applications and documentation can be submitted to Burleigh County Building/Planning/Zoning Department, First Floor, 221 N. 5th Street Bismarck, ND 58501, or by fax at 701-221-3726 or e-mail

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:


Residential Building Application
File Size: 136.5 kb

Use this application for a new house.

Building Permit Application
File Size: 145.61 kb

Use this application for accessory building, basement finishes, decks etc.

Septic System Permit Application
File Size: 173.57 kb

Use this application for all new septic systems and repairs.

Plumbing Permit Worksheet
File Size: 129.17 kb

Use this worksheet for all plumbing permits

Manufactured Home Application
File Size: 80.12 kb

Use this application for Manufactured Home Installation.

Commercial Building Application
File Size: 166.48 kb

Commercial Building Permit Application

Flood Plain Development Application
File Size: 35.55 kb

Use this permit if you are planning on developing or building in the floodplain.

ADA Form
File Size: 63.76 kb

Required For Commercial Permits Only

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