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Meeting Information


Meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month unless otherwise indicated.

Location: Tom Baker Meeting Room, City/County Building, 221 N 5th Street

2023 Burleigh County Commission and Park Board Schedule
January 4 (Wednesday) Regular Meeting - Reorganize/Assign Portfolios
January 18 (Wednesday) 2nd Meeting
February 6 Regular Meeting
February 23 (Thursday) 2nd Meeting
March 6 Regular Meeting
March 20 2nd Meeting
April 3 Regular Meeting
April 17 2nd Meeting
May 1 Regular Meeting
May 15 2nd Meeting
June 5 Regular Meeting/Equalization
June 19 2nd Meeting
July 5 (Wednesday) Regular Meeting
July 19 & 20 2nd Meeting/Preliminary Budget Hearings (8:30AM)
August 7 Regular Meeting
August 21 2nd Meeting
September 6 (Wednesday) Regular Meeting
September 20 (Wednesday) 2nd Meeting/Final Budget Hearing
October 2 Regular Meeting/Public Hearing concerning objections to the minimum sales price for tax sale
October 16 2nd Meeting
November 1 (Wednesday) Regular Meeting
November 20 2nd Meeting
November 21 Annual Tax Sale (10:00 AM)
December 4 Regular Meeting
December 18 2nd Meeting
11-11-05. Meetings of board - Time and place.
The board of county commissioners shall meet and hold regular meetings for the transaction of business at a time and place to be designated by the commission on a date certain established by resolution or ordinance of the commission. The county auditor shall have power to call special meetings when the interests of the county demand it. The chairman of the board, or a majority of the members thereof, may call special meetings that must be noticed in accordance with section 44-04-20.

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