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Evacuation Information

Voluntary Evacuation Areas

Burleigh County requested voluntary evacuations for the following areas:
  • Briardale Area
  • Hogue Island
  • Fox Island
  • Glenwood Estates
  • Sundown Acres
  • Areas south of 48th Avenue SE, from Washington Street to Hwy 1804
  • Burnt Creek Loop Road South of Ponderosa Subdivision

Residents are reminded to contact the Flood Hotline at 355-1659 if they have evacuated their home. Data is utilized to assist with potential sheltering needs and emergency service awareness.

Evacuation Tips

Residents should start thinking about where they will go if an evacuation is necessary. If you evacuate, officials remind you to shut off your power and call the Flood Hotline at 355-1659. It's important for officials to know who has evacuated and how to contact evacuated residents in case of an emergency.

"Shelters will be provided, but residents are encouraged to find alternatives, as this flooding could cause problems for many weeks," says Paula Flanders, Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Director.

If you evacuate, there are some things you should make sure to bring along. They include:
Important paperwork
Picture ID with current address
A list of phone numbers of family or friends to notify if you evacuate
Medicare, Medicaid or health insurance cards
List of names, address and phone numbers of doctors and pharmacies
Pillow: shelters do not provide pillows. Blankets are provided.
Medications: bring prescription and non-prescription medications that you use
Oxygen: If you use an oxygen concentrator, bring it with you to the shelter. Concentrators can be used as long as electrical power is available. Bring a filled portable oxygen tank (size D or E) with a regulator and all necessary tubing. Put a label with your name on your oxygen cart.
Personal Hygiene Items (items you use on a regular basis): Towel, washcloth, soap, shampoo, deodorant, denture cleanser, toothbrush & toothpaste, adult diapers, sanitary supplies, over the countermedications, comb/brush, bed pan/urinal.
Other items: own wheelchair and/or walker, prosthetic devices, eye glasses / contact lens solution, hearing aid & batteries, nebulizer equipment, ostomy supplies, catheter supplies, diabetes equipment, wound care supplies, tube feeding equipment, extra change of clothes, books, infant care items.
Pets: Only certified service animals are allowed in the shelters. If you do have a service animal you are required to bring to the shelter: pet food, feeding dishes, vaccination records, and waste bags.