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Quick Guides and Fact Sheets

Asbestos: Asbestos Hazards Due to Flooding

Basements: Flooding: Excess Rain and Basements
Basements, Cleaning and Repairing: Cleaning and Repairing Flooded Basements
Basements, Drainage: Basements may Flood if Drainage is Poor

Carbon Monoxide: Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Children: Helping Children Through the Flood
Cleanup: Creating A Healthy Home, A Field Guide for Clean-up of Flooded Homes

Damage, Avoiding Groundwater to Homes: Avoiding Groundwater Damage to Homes
Damage, Furniture and Appliances: Flood-Damaged Furniture and Appliances
Damage, Steps to Reduce Flood & Water: Steps to Reduce Flood and Water Damage
Damage, Wall, Ceiling, and Floors: Flood-Damaged Walls, Ceiling and Floors
Disposal - Food, Household Waste: Disposal of Food and Other Household Waste
Disposal - Hazardous Household Waste, Electronics: Disposal of Hazardous Household Waste and Electronics
Drains: Reduce Flooding from Drains
Dry Out: Dry Out Before Rebuilding
Drying Out: Floods: Drying Out

Emotional: A Flood of Emotions
Emotional: Strengthening your emotional well being ahead of the flood
Evacuate, Farm: Preparing to Evacuate Your Farm
Evacuation Guidelines: Evacuation Guidelines
Evacuation Tips: Evacuation Tips

Farm Implements: Reconditioning Flood Farm Implements
Farm Vehicles and Equipment: Flood Farm Vehicles and Equipment
First Entry: Floods: First Entry of a Flooded Home-Precautions
Flash Flooding: National Weather Service, Flood Safety Flash Card
Food, Frozen: Is Home-Frozen Food Safe to Use?
Food, Salvaging: Salvaging Food After a Flood

Hazardous Materials: Flooding and Hazardous Materials Do Not Mix
Health Precautions: Emergency Health Precautions for Flooded Areas
Heating Oil, Home: Home Heating Oil
Heating Systems: Restoring Heating Systems After a Flood

Livestock: Protecting Livestock During a Flood

Mold: Mold in Homes

Papers: Caring for Important Papers
Pesticides: Flooded Pesticides
Pets: Pets and Emergencies
Plan, Family Emergency: Family Emergency Plan
Prepare: Prepare for a Flood, How to

Repairs, Temporary Structural: How to Make Temporary Structural Repairs

Salvaging: Salvaging After Flooding
Sandbag Cleanup: Sandbag Cleanup After a Flood
Sandbagging: Sandbagging for Flood Protection
Septic Systems: Septic Systems Flooding
Stress: Manage flood-related distress by building resilience
Supply Kit, Basic Emergency: Basic Emergency Supply Kit
Sump Pump: Sump Pump Questions

Tetanus: Do I Need a Tetanus Shot?

Walls, Drying and Repairing: Drying and Repairing Walls
Water: Is My Water Safe To Drink?
Wells: Proper Well Disinfection